Mugs and Paw Prints

The original bloggers’ mug. Courtesy of:

Welcome back! For my first blog post I looked through all my pins on Pinterest when deciding where to start. Two of my loves are coffee and cats, so I figured why not create something that will satisfy both of those things? I found a how-to on making your own designs on a mug, so being the coffee lover that I am, I had to give it a try. This is a cheap project as well so its simple to do even if you are on a tight college student budget like myself! There were only two things I had to purchase, both from Walmart. The mug was $1.89, and the permanent paint pen was $1.99. Now let’s explore how things went.

This is the mug and permanent painting pen I bought from Walmart.

In the how-to blog post, the blogger recommends purchasing the Sharpie Paint Pen. However, in my trip to Walmart I wasn’t able to find that particular one, so I settled on the off brand permanent paint pen that I found. She explains to first wash the mug to get rid of residue, so I did that before starting my design. In her post she has a variety of different mug designs that she has tried, but obviously the kitten whisker design caught my eye. I chose to recreate that one and add my own twist on it. I was nervous to start drawing since it is permanent marker and I didn’t want to mess up, so I practiced my design on paper first until I was satisfied with the way it looked.

Once I felt ready, I got started on the artwork. It’s also important to test out the marker on paper before going directly onto the mug to make sure that the ink is flowing properly and it won’t be spotty. Once I got the mug designed how I wanted it, I went over some areas with the paint pen again that were lighter than others. Next it was time to bake it! The blogger recommended putting the mug inside the oven before turning it on so that it gradually gets hotter rather than getting hot all at once. So inside it went, and then I turned the oven to 425° for 35 minutes. After time is up and the oven is turned off, the blogger said to leave the mug inside the oven for another 1-2 hours so that it will cool and the design will fully set. After the time was up, I took it out and VOILÁ! A beautiful one of a kind mug, ready to use. Overall I would say that this DIY project was definitely a success and very doable so don’t be afraid to try it for yourself!

My finished product!
My finished product!

3 thoughts on “Mugs and Paw Prints

  1. Thanks for trying it out!! My mug held up for a little while, but after years of hand washing it in hot water my whiskers are falling off. I would find a sealer, or something to hold your design. 🙂 Thanks for reading!!


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